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March 1, 2017
First shaker card!

I made my first shaker card! I wanted to try the fun foam method from Jennifer McGuire and it was a lot of fun. This was a lot of fun. I made a few other cards I will share soon using the foam tape method to see which I like more. I know the fun foam technique mails better but so far I have been hand delivering these so maybe I need to do some cost analysis to see which is cheaper if I’m going to hand deliver. (Or maybe I will just use whatever is closest when I get my supplies from my craft area.)

Shaker Close-up

Lessons Learned:

  • Cut the foam a little smaller than the front facing piece of cardstock so the sides don’t show. (I’m sure this was mentioned in the tutorial video, but I forgot.)
  • Fishing wire is not the same as nylon thread (The finish wire was a little thick. Now only was it more visible than I would like, it doesn’t allow for much movement. This is what I get for being lazy and trying to use what my husband has.)
  • Distressed ink takes a while to dry…so don’t put embossing powder on it until it’s COMPLETELY dried! (You will see no distressed ink piece in this entire project…it was scraped after two attempts. Another time!)
  • If you decide to color with Copic markers, use Memento Tuxedo Black ink since it is Copic-friendly and does not bleed.
Inside of the card

Supplies I Used:


Hope you like the card! Feel free to leave any questions or comments!


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